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Excite Japan Co., Ltd. ("Excite") provides its services (the "Services" including advertisement) to users of the Services generally on a free of charge basis, with the exception of a limited number of paid services.

While Excite will make its best efforts to manage the Services upon its operation, Excite will in no event be liable for any defects detected in connection with the Services and/or any loss or damage caused by such defects.

In addition, Excite will in no event be liable for any loss or damage caused by illegal or inappropriate acts, such as illegal sales activities and acts of solicitation (whether for the purpose of profit or otherwise) etc., of users using the Services. Excite makes no warranties as to the lawfulness or the appropriateness of any user’s method of use of the Services in relation to such user's voluntary use thereof.

Excite makes no warranties with regard to any of the following in connection with the Services:

  • The accuracy and quality of the website and information therein, and as to whether such website and information is up to date;
  • The possibility that unpleasant contents will be displayed; and
  • That the Services will operate under any and all user environment, or that the Services will not cause malfunction or effects to such user environment.

If any dispute arises between Excite and any user of the Services in relation to the use of the Services, Excite and such user agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court in the first instance, and that such dispute shall be governed by laws of Japan.

Excite Privacy Policy

Excite Japan Co., Ltd. (“Excite”) is constantly working to improve the functionality and reliability of all the services (including, but not limited to, websites, contents, applications and other computer software that Excite provides on the internet; collectively, the “Services”) that Excite provides to ensure that users ranging from beginners to existing heavy users (the “Customers”) can make use of the Services comfortably and with peace of mind. In the Services and activities of Excite, we handle Customers’ Personal Information (as defined below) and information other than Personal Information, such as information about browsing history and other matters (“Informative Data” or collectively with personal information “Related Personal Information”).

We believe that the proper handling and protection of Related Personal Information is an important responsibility, and we have formulated our privacy policy (this “Privacy Policy”) as follows.

For inquiries about the implementation and operation of the Excite Personal Information Protection Management System, please contact our Personal Information Protection Controller via the address provided under the “Contact” clause below. Please note that the Chairperson of our Safety Compliance Committee serves as the Personal Information Protection Controller.

This Privacy Policy includes technical terms. As much as possible, we attempt to explain them in an easy-to-understand manner. If you are still unsure about terms such as cookies and IP address, please read the Explanations of Main Terms first.

Scope of Applicability of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies when a Customer uses the Services or when Excite performs its business activity. The Related Personal Information that Excite obtains from a Customer's use of the Services shall also be managed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, any Related Personal Information shared by Excite with its business partners to whom Excite consigns its operations relating to the provision of the Services and the distribution of advertisements to or partners with in relation to such operations (the “Business Partners”) (the names of the Business Partners can be checked within the Services, and the names of the Business Partners involved in the distribution of advertisements can be checked here) shall, unless otherwise clearly specified within the Services as being covered by the Business Partners' privacy policies, be managed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Additionally, there are certain Services which are provided solely by the Business Partners, and because in such cases Excite does not receive Personal Information with regard to such Services, this Privacy Policy is not applicable in relation thereto. As for the Services provided solely by the Business Partners, an explanation similar to the example below will be displayed on the screen of the Services, and therefore Customers are advised to confirm such notice.

“This service is operated and managed by XXX Inc. Customers are asked to note that customer information provided in relation to this service is received only by XXX Inc., and that this Privacy Policy does not apply to customer information provided in relation to such services.”

Regarding Personal Information

1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information is information about an individual and:
(1) May identify a specific individual (or may be easily checked against other information thereby identifying a specific individual) by the name, date of birth or other descriptions included in the information (everything except personal identification codes that is written or recorded in a document, drawing or electromagnetic record or is represented by sound, behavior or other means);
(2) Includes personal identification codes (e.g. number of a driver’s license or passport, fingerprint recognition data) required by laws and regulations.

2. Regarding Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

(1) About Personal Information that accompanies the Services

In cases such as when a Customer obtains an ID, etc. issued by Excite for the purpose of using the Services, makes use of the Services or agrees to respond to a survey, the Customer may be requested to provide his/her Personal Information.

Excite will use Customers' Personal Information mainly for the following objectives:

  1. To provide the Services
  2. To charge Customers for their use of the charged Services
  3. To customize the information on Excite's website, the Services and the distribution of advertisements so that they are in line with the Customers' tastes and preferences
  4. To enrich the contents and service elements in the Services
  5. To conduct Customer surveys regarding Customers' tastes and preferences, etc.
  6. To prepare statistical data relating to the Services
  7. To send email magazines to email addresses and direct mail by post, etc. to Customers who have agreed to receive such email magazines and direct mail
  8. To use in the operations of sending products, presents, etc.
  9. To enable Excite to contact Customers as necessary
  10. To enable Excite to operate services entrusted by another party
  11. To respond to inquiries from Customers and to verify Customers' identity

(2) About Personal Information obtained from sources other than the Services

Personal Information that is obtained from sources other than the Services shall be used for any of the following purposes.

  1. To examine candidates for employment at Excite and inform examination results
  2. To manage employees service and welfare, conduct personnel appraisals or make notifications as stated by laws and regulations
  3. To inform stockholders of stockholder meetings, dividends etc. or to take related action such as paying dividends and responding to inquiries

Excite takes the necessary actions through the Personal Information Protection Management System for the purpose of preventing the unintended use of Personal Information.

3. Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

Excite will not provide Personal Information to a third party without obtaining consent from the relevant Customer. However, this may not apply in any of the cases described below.

  1. Cases where all or part of the handling of Personal Information is assigned within the extent that is necessary for achieving the aim of use stated in the above paragraph
  2. Cases where a formal request has been received from the police, a court or another public organ in accordance with the law
  3. Cases where an act of a Customer upon its use of the Services is in violation of the Terms of Use provided by Excite, laws and regulations, guidelines, etc. and there is a necessity for Excite to disclose the Personal Information in order to protect of the rights and properties of Excite and third parties, as well as the Services, etc.
  4. Cases of emergency where the life, body or property, etc. of humans are faced with an imminent threat

Please note that inquiries about the use of the Personal Information and requests for the deletion or suspension of the use of such information, etc. must be handled by the company that receives such information, when Personal Information is provided to advertisers, etc. based on the relevant Customer's consent.

4. Regarding Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information

To request the notification of the purpose of use of the Personal Information provided by a Customer or the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use or cessation of provision of such information to third parties (“Disclosure, etc.”), please ask Excite by clicking here. Please note that such requests may only be made when measures equal to or more effective than the Disclosure, etc. are not available through the registration information webpage, etc. regarding the Services. Informative Data are outside the scope of “Disclosure, etc.” stated in this paragraph.

When we receive a request as described above, detailed instructions as to how to make such a request and an “Application for Inquiry about Personal Information” will be sent to the requesting Customer for him/her to fill out. From the viewpoint of preventing the leakage of Personal Information, Excite will conduct the Disclosure, etc. for the Customer's Personal Information within a reasonable period of time only when we are able to verify the identity of the requesting Customer. Please note that we may ask the requesting Customer to provide us with the personal identification documents below.

< Personal identification documents >

  • Request made by the principal: a copy of his/her driver’s license, passport or medical insurance card
  • Request made by a proxy: a copy of either of the above and a letter of proxy or an official document to certify the power of attorney and the proxy's personal identification documents

Please note that the Disclosure, etc. of the Personal Information provided by the Customer to Excite may only be made with regard to the following:

  1. Databased Personal Information pertaining to which Excite has the authority to respond to a Disclosure, etc. request from the Customer
  2. Personal Information on paper that is searchable

5. Regarding Certified Personal Information Protection Organization

Excite is accredited by the “PrivacyMark Promotion Center Personal Information Protection and Claims Desk” of JIPDEC, a certified personal information protection organization. Name of Certified Personal Information Protection Organization and Contact Information

Contact point: Personal Information Protection and Claims Desk
Address: Roppongi First Building, 9-9 Roppongi 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Japan
Telephone number: +81-3-5860-7565 / +81-120-700-779

(For inquiries regarding services provided by Excite, please click here to contact us.)

About Informative Data

1. Handling of Informative Data

Excite may obtain and use the following information (“Informative Data”) when a Customer has accessed the site with a terminal such as a computer or mobile phone. However, the information does not include anything that may cause a specific individual to be identified.

  1. Information that identifies a specific terminal (identification number assigned to cookies, etc. or other numbers for identifying a specific terminal “Individual Identification Number”)
  2. Customer's environment for use of information (e.g. information about the IP address of the connection source, OS (Operating System), browser, etc.)
  3. History of Customer's browsing and use of information on the Excite site (including keywords used for searching)
  4. Identification information that is sent to Excite when a Customer uses the service of another company that partners with Excite *This may involve sending the ID information from Excite to the service of the partnering company.
  5. Information about locations that may be obtained by a mobile phone, etc.
  6. Postal code, sex or other pieces of attribute information that cannot identify a specific individual alone
  7. Informative Data may be obtained and used once prior consent is obtained. Mainly, they are automatically recorded through cookies, etc. when the relevant Customer uses the site.

The following is the purpose of use of Informative Data. You may opt out of or delete cookies by changing your browser settings. However, this may result in problems such as inconvenience in the use of the site and the unavailability of the service. We recommend that you keep cookies active.

  1. Confirm whether access is from the same Customer in the service that cannot be available without login
  2. Advise a Customer who has not used the site for a certain amount of time to reenter his/her ID or password for the purpose of ensuring the Customer's security
  3. Research the number of users of the site of Excite or of the partnering company to which Excite delivers its advertisements, or the number of visitors who are guided to the site of Excite or a partnering company
  4. Excite or a partnering company sends or provides a Customer with the optimum content, advertisements or service information
  5. Perform an analysis, extraction, etc. for the purpose of improving the services and advertisements provided by Excite or a partnering company or considering new services
  6. Disclose the results of the analysis of information such as the communication status of a mobile terminal so that the information will serve as the basis for improving the environment for a Customer to use our service
  7. Perform an analysis to determine and inform a partnering company of, for example, what kind of advertisements, information and/or services will be effectively displayed or provided
  8. Confirm the status of a Customer's use of a service for the purpose of facilitating the handling of inquiries from the Customer

2. Sending Informative Data to a Third Party

Excite may send a Customer's Informative Data to a third party. Please read “About Use and Transmission of Informative Data to a Third Party” for information about the destination of transmitted information and the purpose of the transmission. The transmission of Informative Data to a third party based on the delivery of a behavioral targeting advertisement shall comply with “Handling of Data in Internet Advertising.

3. Behavioral Targeting Advertisements

Via the advertisement delivery system of Excite and its business partners, Excite delivers “behavioral targeting advertisements” that relate to issues of concern to Customers. This is one of the means of displaying advertisements that are more beneficial to Customers. A behavioral targeting advertisement involves the use of the relevant Customer's Informative Data. Please see “Handling of Data in Internet Advertising” for instructions about the handling of a Customer's information on a behavioral targeting advertisement and the procedure for opting out of a behavioral targeting advertisement.

4. Handling of Informative Data on Smartphone Apps

A Customer's Informative Data may be handled in the application service that Excite provides via smartphone, etc. (the “Apps”). Please see “Privacy Policy on Smartphone Apps” for instructions about the handling of Informative Data via smartphone Apps. The handling of Personal Information via the Apps shall comply with “Regarding Personal Information” in this Privacy Policy.

Regarding Security of Related Personal Information

When Excite determines that the protection of data is necessary, it sends data via Service Socket Layer (SSL), an industry standard for encryption. Excite protects Customer registration information by means of secret questions, answers and passwords. Customers should take responsibility for looking after the safety of their own passwords.

For customers who use charged services in the Services, their credit card numbers and other registered information are protected by “billing passwords.” The billing password is different from the usual password for logging into the Services. The billing password is necessary when a customer changes or cancels his/her charged service plan. Customers should take responsibility for looking after the safety of their own passwords.

Revisions to Privacy Policy

Notification of any revisions to this Privacy Policy will be provided on this website. Customers are encouraged to check this page as necessary for the latest information regarding such changes. Please note that Excite accepts no responsibility for any problems that occur as a result of a Customer not being able to confirm a change.

Regarding Protection of Related Personal Information by Third Party Companies

In some cases, third party companies that are linked to from Excite's website may obtain Customer information through their services or offer for prizes, or when they conduct sales promotion activities. Excite accepts no obligation or responsibility with regard to the protection of Customers' Related Personal Information by these third party companies.


For any questions or claims regarding the protection of Personal Information by Excite, please click here to contact the Manager of Personal Information at Excite.

Established: April, 2004
Revised: October 15, 2010
Revised: December 26, 2011
Revised: April 1, 2012
Revised: June 1, 2012
Revised: October 20, 2016
Revised: May 30, 2017
Last revised: December 18, 2018

Excite Japan Co., Ltd.
Shinichi Saijo, President & CEO